• ● Jennifer Alyx is a Texas-based voice actor in anime, video games, and live-action ADR - Represented by Linda McAlister Talent. Roles you may know her from are Fate in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Hannah and Constanze in Little Witch Academia, Cosmic Sol in Smile, Mina in Ancient Magus’ Bride, Hinata in Fire Force, and Mocha in One Piece.

    ● Jennifer is remote recording ready with a professional home studio including the following equipment: Mic: TLM 103 / Interface: Apollo Twin / DAW: Adobe Audition / Connection Types: Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Discord, Skype, Teams (others on request)

    ● When not acting, Jennifer has a passion for casting and ADR directing. When not in the booth, she likes relaxing with a video game, watching Asian dramas, and snuggling with her 3 cats.